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Electronic Writing Course

Editing Workshops

The Writing Workshops show you how to edit whole documents - turning the theory you have studied on the Course into reality.

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Example of Editing

As you work your way through the Writing Course and the exercises, your writing and editing skills will improve. Eventually, you will move on to editing dozens of writing faults in the Editing Skills Section of the Course.

Here's an example of editing a 64-word paragraph. The first redraft cuts the text to 29 words. The second redraft produces a final draft of 18 words. You learn this skill by going through the Editing Exercises at the end of this Section. Let's take a look at one.

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Trying an Exercise

Here is Exercise 2 for us to try. Having read the sentence, you would type your suggested redraft in the yellow box, editing the words and phrases shown in bold.

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Following the Editing Advice

When you have drafted your answer in the yellow box, you can go through the exercise by clicking the Editing Advice buttons. These suggested changes and explanations show how each change improves the draft.

Click on the image below to see how the Editing Advice works

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