Best Wrinkle Cream – Luminesque Review

Luminesque Skin Cream is a skincare product that is designed to help mature women eliminate wrinkles. This is our review.

What is Luminesque Skin Cream?

When you age, your skin may not look the way that it used to be. Instead of plump and rosy cheeks, your skin begins to lose the suppleness that showed your youthful glow. However, that’s not where the aging ends. You begin to see fine lines all over your face and your previously beautiful skin begins to look unfamiliar. Luckily, with Luminesque Skin Cream, you can regain that glow.

The Luminesque Skin Cream acts as a mini-facelift, helping to smooth out the fine lines and wrinkles that cause your face to look aged. Normal skincare products do not have the chemical composition to treat mature skin, even if those products have worked for your skin in recent years. The fact is, you need a skincare product that can acclimate to your needs. This cream does exactly that.

The biggest appeal of this product is the simplicity. With the Luminesque Skin Cream, you won’t see surgery, Botox, or other invasive procedures. Instead, you just have to apply this cream to your skin. The cream is smooth, relaxing, and indulgent, making the anti-aging treatment into a relaxing part of your day as well. According to the company’s website, this formula is able to:

  • Lessen the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles
  • Increase your skin’s natural production of collagen
  • Improvement in the appearance of dark circles under your eyes

To find out exactly how the Luminesque Skin Cream can do all of this, continue reading below.

How Does Luminesque Skin Cream Work?

To help firm up your skin, this formula uses a face-firming peptide, which has endured trials to ensure safety. This peptide is widely used in anti-aging skincare products to help replenish the elasticity that your aging skin has lost. When your skin loses elasticity, your skin can sag and your fine lines become more obvious. By artificially tightening your skin, you can eliminate that obvious evidence of aging skin.

In addition to helping to tighten your skin, this cream is meant to hydrate and soothe dry skin, which can help reduce the appearance of wrinkles as well. Since your skin loses some of its ability to hold in moisture in later years, this cream can help to fix that.

Using Luminesque Skin Cream

Using the cream is relatively simple, and its application is about the same as applying your daily moisturizer.

The first step is washing your face. When you have a clean face, your skin is much more receptive to moisture when it isn’t covered in oil, makeup, and dirt.

Once your face is clean, you need to apply this advanced formula all over your neck and your face. By apply the product to your neck as well, you are able reduce the appearance of sagging or wrinkled skin there as well.

Most moisturizers and creams require you to let the formula dry and absorb into your skin before applying makeup or other products. For the best results, Luminesque Skin Cream should be used on a daily basis.

Pricing for Luminesque Skin Cream

The great thing about the Luminesque Skin Cream is that you don’t have to commit to the remedy right away. You are automatically enrolled in the 14-trial for the product. This trial period allows you to try out a full-size jar of the skin cream, but with only paying for the shipping fees, which amount to $4.99.

Once that 14-day trial is over, you are automatically entered in a shipment program that you will be billed for on the 15th day since you’ve received the Luminesque Skin Cream. The total monthly cost for you will be $84.99, which does not include the shipping charges. You will be charged this fee on the 15th day since you receive the product, and then you will have until the end of the following month before you are charged again. With each month, you will also receive a new jar of the Luminesque Skin Cream.

If you choose to cancel your enrollment, you can call customer service or select the subscription cancellation link on the Contact Us pop-up window.

Contacting Luminesque Skin Cream

Before you make your purchase, you may benefit from speaking with one of the customer service representatives with the company. You can speak with someone by calling 1-888-577-9914. The department is open on weekdays from 9:00am to 9:00pm EST. The company is also open on Sundays from 9:00am to 6:00pm EST.

If you are unable to reach a representative during those hours, you can send your inquiry via email to


Luminesque Skin Cream is a great cream to add to your regimen to help with your aging appearance. This company understands your need for a youthful glow, and they have formulated a cream to help create that. While you are automatically charged for the formula after the initial trial period, this product will continue to be delivered to your door until you determine you no longer need it.


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How to Lose 10 Pounds in a Week…A Simple Weight Loss Plan That Works

Name: Crystal
Age: 30
Family Status: Married with 2 kids
Occupation: Personal Trainer
Location: Georgia
Height: 5’6″
Waist: 25″
Starting Weight: 238 pounds
Current Weight: 138 pounds
Pounds or Inches Lost: I lost 100 pounds!success-stories-new-layout-crystal-p

Crystal’s Weight Loss Story!

When did you become unhappy with your weight?
After having my first child. Its been 12 years since I began my weight loss journey!

What made you decide to lose weight?
When I realized I was no longer happy with myself and my lifestyle. Not being able to walk without getting out of breath was no longer an option for me.

What were the most important changes you made to lose weight?
Taking it 1 day at a time, learning to workout everyday and taking care of my body by changing my food choices.


What was most challenging about losing weight?
I think learning to love yourself through the process and even when you do not lose weight as quick as you want to. Tomorrow is another day to keep trying and pushing forward.

How long did it take you to start to see results?
3 months (90 days) was when I saw hope to keep going and saw some of my results.

How long did it take for you to reach your current weight?
1 year and 8 months.


How long have you maintained your weight loss and how do you do it?
11 years and counting! I always make small goals for myself when it comes to my workouts, like how many pulls ups or push ups I can do. I also have learned to eat healthy and treat my body better.

What keeps you motivated to continue your weight loss success?
It’s really about helping other people. I found through helping other people lose weight, it some how keeps me going and I also feel like it heals my heart in some way.


How has your life changed now that you’ve lost weight?
I think I realized all along it wasn’t just about losing weight although that was my goal. I truly was changing my heart and seeing myself through my own eyes, not just others.

Do you have any advice for others who are trying to lose weight?
YES! If you truly are committed to losing weight, do it! Do not sweat the small things and keep your eyes on your goals. People will always have an opinion about you but yours is the only one that matters.


How did ShapeFit help you reach your weight loss goals?
I think became another tool I used to help further my weight loss. It’s always inspiring to read other weight loss stories since it makes you realize that you’re not alone in your fight to change your lifestyle.

Crystal’s Weight Loss Tips!

Weight loss tip #1:
crystal-p-weight-loss-story-5Eat lots of veggies.

Weight loss tip #2:
Drink lots of water.

Weight loss tip #3:
Keep workouts short but intense.

Weight loss tip #4:
Cut out most juice, soda and alcohol.

Weight loss tip #5:
Lift weights (kettlebells, dumbbells, sandbags).

Crystal’s Weight Loss Eating Plan!

crystal-p-weight-loss-story-6I usually do not eat a big breakfast since my body just is not very hungry and I do not force food because it’s a certain time of day. I drink water and coffee most of the time. Listening to your body is big!

I eat 2 or 3 cups of steamed veggies. I will usually eat beans or tofu and maybe brown rice or a sweet potato.

Same as lunch. I eat mostly veggies and use olive oil, coconut, avocados or nuts to add some healthy fat to my meals. I try to avoid heavy starchy foods at night. Mostly because my body will not need it for energy and I am not active at night.

Snacks or Mini Meals:
Light yogurt and homemade granola, handful of almonds or cashews with fruit (half banana or apple), hummus and homemade pita chips and carrots.

Nutritional Supplements:
B-12 (metabolism), Vitamin C (immune system support), milk thistle (liver support and digestion).

Crystal’s Weight Loss Workouts!

Weight Training:
HIIT (high intensity interval training) weight training using 15 and 25 pound dumbbells or a heavy sandbag. I also do bodyweight exercises like pull ups, plyometrics and kettlebells 4 days a week.

Jumping rope, circuit bodyweight training, HIIT interval training (outside, treadmill, stationary bike), power yoga 2-3 days a week.

Best 10 Face Lotions for Women 2017

Face lotion should be an integral part of your daily skincare routine. They moisturize your skin to even out your skin tone and texture, reduce patches of dryness or roughness, soften your skin, and help your makeup slide on more smoothly and easily without caking or flaking. However, many face lotions can contribute to increased acne breakouts or cause skin irritation.

In order to find a good face lotion that will moisturize your skin to soft and smooth perfection without any adverse side effects, keep reading the face lotion reviews to discover the current top rated best face lotions.

10. Retseliney Advanced Age Defying Daily Moisturizer

Top 10 Best Face Lotions

As we get older, it is only natural that our skin starts showing visible signs of our aging, as much as we hate it. Fine lines, wrinkles, age spots, and other aging signs that mark your face can frustrate you to no end and significantly lower your self-confidence. There is no need to invest in expensive, painful treatments to minimize your visible signs of aging.

Try this face lotion from Retseliney instead, which is infused with a blend of ingredients, including cocoa butter, hyaluronic acid, avocado oil, and rosehip oil, that penetrate deeply into your skin to hydrate its lower layers to encourage collagen production and decrease the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. The natural ingredients in the face lotion lock moisture into your skin to create the brighter, vibrant appearance of a youthful glow.

9. Alina Skincare Vitamin C Serum

Top 10 Best Face Lotions
Does your skin need a little pick me up? Over time, your skin can take on a dull appearance that can make you look tired, haggard, and stressed all the time. If you’ve noticed that your skin needs a little rejuvenation to look bright and alert again, try this face lotion from Alina Skincare.

Infused with an abundance of vitamin C and a blend of natural ingredients that include hyaluronic acid, aloe extract, and glycerin, this lotion provides your skin with intense moisture and hydration that can help it look vibrant and alert instantly. This is a great face lotions that don’t cause acne!

8. Foxbrim Ocean Mineral Lotion
Top 10 Best Face Lotions

Have you ever heard someone tell their child to soak their cuts or scrapes in the ocean water at the beach? Have you ever seen a seaweed mask when browsing in a cosmetic or skincare store? The natural minerals in the ocean are incredibly effective at healing and rejuvenating your skin.

This Foxbrim face lotion encapsulates these powerful natural minerals of the sea into one gentle facial moisturizer. Infused with more than ninety ocean minerals, the lightweight formula of this lotion restores your skin to add firmness, radiance, and glowing hydration upon use.

7. Aveeno Positively Radiant Daily MoisturizerTop 10 Best Face Lotions

One of the most common and harmful dangers your skin faces on a daily basis is exposure to the sun’s rays. The sun keeps us alive, but it can also do permanent aesthetic and physically dangerous damage to our face if we don’t protect our skin from its powerful rays.

Use this face lotion from Aveeno every day to provide your skin with ample hydration and protection from the sun. The lightweight formula of the moisturizer doesn’t feel greasy like a sunscreen, but it offers SPF 15 sun protection and natural radiance to your skin for a daily rejuvenation.

6. Radha Beauty Retinol Moisturizer

Top 10 Best Face Lotions

Retionol is a renowned ‘miracle ingredient’ when it comes to defying visible signs of aging. It is gentle on your skin without drying it out or clogging your pores, and it can significantly reduce or even eliminate aging signs such as wrinkles, fine lines, and age spots after regular use.

This retinol moisturizer can be used daily on your face to minimize your visible aging signs. It is also infused with moisturizing ingredients including jojoba oil, green tea, aloe extract, and shea butter that hydrate and soften your skin while the retinol does its age-defying work.

5. Burt’s Bees Sensitive Daily Moisturizing Cream

Top 10 Best Face Lotions

If you have sensitive skin, it can be a daunting challenge for you to find a face lotion that works well for you. Many regular face lotions contain ingredients that irritate sensitive skin and cause redness, dryness, roughness, or other negative side effects.

This face lotion from Burt’s Bees is the perfect moisturizer for those who have sensitive skin. Infused with gentle, natural ingredients like cotton and rice extract, it hydrates and softens your skin while also soothing it to prevent any irritation or redness. A completely natural product, the lotion is free of any synthetic fragrances and is hypoallergenic.

4. Neutrogena Oil-Free Moisture Sensitive Skin

Top 10 Best Face Lotions

If you have dry skin, it is likely that you need to apply moisturizer underneath your makeup every day to help your makeup smooth on evenly and prevent it from looking cakey or flaky when applied. However, it can be difficult to find a moisturizer that doesn’t make your skin greasy and sticky immediately after you apply it.

This face lotion from Neutrogena is a lightweight, gentle formula that is completely free of any oils. It applies invisibly to your skin and immediately soaks in to moisturize and hydrate your skin without leaving any greasy residue, thereby allowing you to apply your makeup immediately after you rub on the lotion.

3. CeraVe Moisturizing Facial Lotion PM

Top 10 Best Face Lotions

Face lotion that you use at night should be a creamier, heavier formula than your daytime moisturizer. Nighttime face lotion should provide your skin with intense moisture and hydration that can sink in over night to leave you with smooth and soft skin once morning arrives.

This nightly face lotion formula from CeraVe is formulated with a rich ceramide complex that restores the healthy barrier over your skin during the night while locking nourishing moisture into the deep layers of your skin to leave it looking and feeling fresh and hydrated when you wake up.

2. Clinique Dramatically Different Moisturizing Lotion

Top 10 Best Face Lotions

Extremely dry skin can be difficult to hydrate with a lightweight, daily moisturizer that can be used without feeling greasy or heavy all day. Fortunately, this face lotion from Clinique eliminates this problem effortlessly.

Infused with a blend of natural ingredients, the lightweight daily face lotion delivers intense moisture to your skin to keep it feeling soft and springy and giving off a youthful glow all day long. It also strengthens your skin’s natural moisture barrier to help lock hydration into your face. This is a great face lotion for acne prone skin.

1. St. Ives Timeless Skin Collagen Elastin Moisturizer

Top 10 Best Face Lotions

If you’re looking for face lotions for sensitive skin, consider this one. As you age, your skin’s production of collagen naturally decreases. This decrease in collagen production can lead to more visible signs of aging as well as skin that is less firm and has a loose appearance.

This face lotion from St. Ives is infused with natural collagen and elastin proteins that help restore the firmness and elasticity of youth back into your skin as well as reduce the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines. The intense daily moisturizer also hydrates and nourishes your skin to leave it feeling and looking soft and smooth after use. Find out the best body lotions here.

Face lotion should not be something that is taken lightly; since you are applying it to a delicate area of your skin, it is important to invest in a top-quality face lotion that will not irritate your skin. Use the list in this post to find some of the best face lotions to add to your healthy skincare routine.

Pure Colon Detox Review

Pure Colon Detox – By now, you probably have heard a lot about colon cleansing or colon detox in general. While there are many colon cleansing and colon detox remedies found online, the efficacy of these remedies are generally lower and takes a much longer time before the effects and results can be seen.

Within this detailed coverage, you will discover the benefits of Pure Colon Detox, its ingredients, how it compares with other colon cleansing methods, pros and cons of Pure Colon Detox, frequently asked questions about this colon detox supplement (which you might be thinking of too!).

We will also share a few testimonials from past and present customers, and an interview we did with one of our readers who responded to our request for feedback and success stories of Pure Colon Detox.pure-colon-detox1It’s not difficult to understand why colon detox supplements like Pure Colon Detox are trending now. Firstly, the concentration and dosage of colon cleansing elements and ingredients is higher in colon detox supplements than in natural homemade colon cleansing remedies. If you have taken vitamin C supplements, you will know that a small Vitamin C tablet provides much more Vitamin C than eating a dozen oranges! And who can consume that much in a single day?

Secondly, colon detox supplements like Pure Colon Detox are convenient for anyone to consume. Just pop it every day, without the need to prepare anything. No messy juicing or blending.

Coming back to the question of whether Pure Colon Detox really works, we have to first understand how it works and what are the benefits of taking Pure Colon Detox.

If you have come across the product, you will notice its tagline “Purify and Rejuvenate Your Body”. So how does it really purify and rejuvenate your body?

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Pure Colon Detox Review – Benefits of Pure Colon Detox

Because of our diet and exposure to the environment, we often accumulate toxins in our bodies. Such toxins can be natural, ie metabolic wastes which are produced in our bodies biologically, or manmade or chemical toxins which we consume through food, water and the air we breathe. Excessive toxins in our bodies can lead to symptoms such as constant fatigue, weight gain, constipation and bad breath.

Pure Colon Detox is able to flush the toxins out of the body, hence leading to better health and a leaner physique. You will discover that you feel more energetic as well.

Did you know that an average adult can have 10-25 pounds of unprocessed waste within the digestive system? Imagine clearing away this burden and weight we carry around with us daily? Surely, that will help us to lose weight!

Indeed, Pure Colon Detox has been proven to be effective in helping consumers lose weight by resetting the digestive system and getting rid of accumulated waste. Another benefit is it also relieves bloating and constipation.

Many adults walk around with a tummy bulge because of stomach bloating. So you can imagine that once you are able to relieve bloating and constipation, your midsection will become leaner and your entire physique will improve.

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Pure Colon Detox Review – Pure Colon Detox Ingredients

All ingredients used to produce Pure Colon Detox are 100% natural.

Fennel seed – Fennel seeds are rich in dietary fibre and promotes good digestive system and eases constipation. They are also rich in antioxidants such as kaempferol and quercetin which provides support for the body’s immunity system.

Ginger – Ginger has been known widely as a superfood for its many health benefits. One known benefit is its effectiveness in treating chronic indigestion. It has also been known to reduce cholesterol levels.

Rhubarb – Rhubarb is effective in aiding weight loss and improving digestion. Other benefits include optimizing metabolism and improving cardiovascular health.

Aloe Vera – Aloe Vera is a gelatinous plant food and these gels move through the intestinal tract absorbing toxins along the way and eliminating them through the colon. This helps flush toxins that would otherwise accumulate in your body and hence, aid the colon detoxification process. Aloe Vera is also known to soothe and cleanse the digestive tract and hence improve digestion.

Licorice Root – Licorice Root can also be used for irritation, inflammation and spasm in the digestive tract. Through its beneficial action on the liver, it increases bile flow and lowers cholesterol levels.

Cayenne Pepper – Cayenne is a well-known digestive aid. It stimulates the digestive tract, increasing the flow of enzyme production and gastric juices. This aids the body’s ability to metabolize food and toxins. Cayenne pepper is also helpful for relieving stomach bloating.


How does Pure Colon Detox compare against other colon cleansing products and methods?

The basis of most colon cleansing methods and remedies is colonic irrigation and irritation. What this means is by way of irrigation of (more like “irritating”) the colon, fluids are forced into your colon through either your rectum or by consumption. There are no conclusive studies that proved that such methods work, but our bodies are never meant to go through such aggressive treatments. Pure Colon Detox works naturally and safely, by allowing the extracts to course through your body like any food and fluid.

FAQ about Pure Colon Detox

What is Pure Colon Detox?

Pure Colon Detox is an orally-administered capsule based formula. It offers a colon cleansing effect that will remove toxins accumulated in your body for years.

What are the benefits of taking Pure Colon Detox?

Pure Colon Detox consists of the natural extracts from Fennel Seed, Rhubarb, Aloe Vera, Ginger, Licorice Root and Cayenne Pepper. Once digested, these passes through the colon, removing food residues and dissolving unhealthy bacteria. Once these wastes or toxins are flushed out of your body, your digestive system and overall health improves. Another point to note is Pure Colon Detox not only cleanses your colon and body, it also enriches your body with beneficial agents.

Is Pure Colon Detox safe for consumption? Can children take Pure Colon Detox also?

It is safe for consumption. The recommended dosage is 2 capsules daily taken with drinking water. However, we do not recommend children to take this supplement as their intestinal tract at such young age are not fully developed.

What are the ingredients found in Pure Colon Detox?

Each Pure Colon Detox capsule offers 1800mg of proprietary formula from natural ingredients such as Fennel Seed, Cascara Sagrada, Ginger, Goldenseal, Pumpkin Seed, Buckthorn Root, Licorice Root, Rhubarb, Citrus Pectin, Acidophilus, Acai, Cape Aloe, Bentonite Clay, Aloe Vera, Cayenne Pepper, Senna, Oat Bran, Prune Juice and Flax Seed Oil.

Are there any side effects after taking Pure Colon Detox?

Generally, consuming the colon detox pills do not produce side effects. However, there is a small group of people who are sensitive to colon cleansing actions and might experience mild stomach upsets and irritation. Please read our section on the “Pros and Cons of Pure Colon Detox” for more details on who should not take the supplement.

Where Can I Buy Pure Colon Detox Pills?

Pure Colon Detox pills or capsules are available through the order page of the manufacturer.

Pure Colon Detox Review – Pros and Cons of Pure Colon Detox


Pure Colon Detox is 100% natural and uses only natural extracts of its ingredients.

It does not contain artificial fillers which means you get the full nutritional value in every capsule.

It works effectively for colon cleansing, prevents stomach bloating and constipation and kick-starts weight loss.

It is safe to consume and does not result in side effects.

The product has been used by thousands of customers.

It offers a free trial bottle, a month’s supply for you to decide if Pure Colon Detox is suitable for you.


It is not suitable for everyone. While it is a gentle colon cleansing formula, individuals with pre-existing medical conditions such as ulcerative colitis, hemorrhoids, rectum tumors, colon tumors, Crohn’s disease, heart disease, kidney disease, connective tissue disorders such as Ehlers-Danlos syndrome and Marfan syndrome should not take Pure Colon Detox.

It is also not recommended for breast-feeding and pregnant mothers.

You need to take it regularly in order to see optimal results and to maintain a healthy colon and prevent future weight gain. Just like any colon cleansing and weight loss supplement, you cannot simply take it for a month, clean up your colon and then stop taking it thereafter. It is not a miracle pill. In fact, you will never find one product that can claim to restore your colon health completely for the rest of your life by a one-off consumption.

Short Testimonials from Pure Colon Detox Customers

“My friend told me about this product and I liked how I could order a free trial before purchase. It only took a few days to show up on my doorstep!”

Erica, Florida

“I try to clean my system once a month using juice cleanses, but this only does so much. I wanted to try something else that was natural and that I could take daily in a supplement form. I was amazed how I felt after 2 weeks! I have never felt so energized and I definitely look healthier. I won’t ever go back.”

Hannah, New Jersey

“I couldn’t be any happier with the results. I lost a total of 27 lbs in 4 weeks, no special diet and no intense exercise!”

Stephanie, a weight loss blogger who tested a combo of Pure Colon Detox and Pure Asian Garcinia

Pure Colon Detox Success Stories

As a follow up from our review, we decided to interview Stephanie, a regular reader of our health blog and share her success story after using Pure Colon Detox. Stephanie gave her full account of her weight loss journey in the following. She had heard about the Garcinia Cambogia and colon cleanse combo and did some research (this website was one of her research sources) and decided to give both Pure Colon Detox and Pure Asian Garcinia a try.

From her account, Pure Colon Detox first kick-started her weight loss efforts. She lost some weight quickly after the cleansing action removed bulk waste from her body. She recalled that she felt less bloated and more energetic after taking the colon detox supplement. Immediately after that, the twin action of Pure Colon Detox and Pure Asian Garcinia started to take effect. We are happy for her who successfully shed off those unwanted pounds.



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pure asian garcinia

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